Don’t Worry; It’s Not Comic Sans

Don’t Worry; It’s Not Comic Sans is a stream of interesting Art, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Typography, and Crafts images and thoughts managed by Daniel Vedamuthu for students in the Art and Design program at Rochester Community and Technical College in Rochester, Minnesota.

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Frankie the Fluffy Corgi returns with another video! This time Frankie plays Hide and Seek with his stuffed toy! It’s crazy how much he enjoys this game.


Around the World Beer Flight | Andrew Sailer | Packaging Served

Experience a true beer flight around the world with Artificial Horizon’s (created by Solarium Creative) specialty six pack. Inspired by vintage luggage labels, I created each beer label to represent major airports worldwide.


Sparse and geometric identity for the 15th edition of the electronic music festival Nördik Impakt, designed by Mumure.


This is an experimental project on legibility and the way we communcate trough typography. I filmed the painted glass being broken (the video is coming soon) I am interested in the way the typography is broken and cannot be read anymore, this is to illustrate how the media can communicate not only with text or images but also with the way we alter it.